Swiss Edition

The Solosound Solostatic 120 and 200 ‘Swiss edition’

Solosound will show the Solostatic 120 and the 200 “Swiss edition” for the first time to its audience. The implementation of the “Swiss edition” is available with sleek polished stainless steel or with glass-blasted aluminium, provided by extra-heavy duty connectors.
Both the 120 and the 200 designs of the elements are completely new, the openness of the stators are increased by 21%, and the surface also by 10% resulting into an even more open, loose and airy presentment.
Also, the new technique in the ‘Solosound Solostatic Classic series’, is available to be listened to.

Featured with as many as 3 high quality audio transformers and an own amplifier for the high segment.
The main advantages of this construction are that the high tones easily can be adapted to the users own taste and that the impedance will no longer decrease beneath the 6 Ohm which makes is easy to control the Solostatic 200.

Foto: Solostatic 120 Swiss edition