Hifi VideoTest tested the Solostatic 102

Solostatic 102 electrostats; Subtle, modest, richly detailed…

Solostatic 120 Classic pianolak

“The Netherlands is actually a very successful electrostat country.. It has surprisingly many manufacturers of electrostatic loudspeakers. Some enjoy a long standing international reputation for high quality products. One of these manufacturers is Solosound.

Solosound has been around for many years. George Vermeulen, who died in the mid-nineties, founded the company in the seventies. In the following years, Solosound earned an excellent reputation among electrostatics lovers.

While numerous manufactures increasingly focused on large high-end types, Solosound rather concentrated on affordable types. Reliability has always been a key feature as well. Solosound has every reason to be proud of the large number of old timer sets that are still playing after countless hours of faithful service.

“We still regularly receive old customers with models from the very beginning that require small repairs or modifications,” says Mark Huinder, Solosound’s managing director. “Usually, these customers can return home after just a brief visit to our factory.”

Solosound’s electrostatic loudspeakers have been put to market under the brand name Solostatic for many years. The current Solostatic portfolio comprises seven types.

HVT tested the 102, one of the types of the 100 series. The 100 series is intended for the true electrostatics lover. The 102 is over one metre high and requires a separate sub woofer for the low range.

How low can they go?

This question always turns up in discussions about elecrostats. What you frequently hear is that small electrostats underperform in the low ranges, whereas on the whole, everybody agrees that the high and mid-ranges are unparalleled in terms of definition and level of detail. But, as mentioned before, there is always discussion about the low ranges. Whether this is always fair, is hard to say, since this is largely a matter of taste. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that using the electrostatic loudspeaker concept to create a constant, deep bass is not an easy thing to do.