Solostatic 100

Solosound 100 electrostatic loudspeakersSolosound Solostatic 100, the compact electrostatic satellite loudspeaker

The Solosound Solostatic 100 is characterized by its compact dimensions and its sizable sound reproduction. A first of a kind unique speaker with such modest dimensions rendering such a large virtual stage, realized by the Solosound dipole system thanks to its electrostatic middle/high element.

The Solostatic 100 is characterized by its transparent, detailed and never seen in this size before faithfull and true audio reproduction, making human voices, an excellent benchmark, sound true-to-life.

The Solostatic 100 is perfect for musical home cinema systems and stereo setups for both large and small rooms. Combining Solosound products in home cinema systems will build up to an exhilarating movie soundtrack experience. A must hear for serious audio lovers.