Classic Series

The Solostatic Classic series

This Solostatic serie is exemplary for its classical elegance. This traditional di-pole electrostatic, also known as ESL, is provided with modern, compact technology and from top to bottom its depth never exceeds 6 cm. Its dimensions are 166 x 25 x 6 cm (model101), 118 x 36 x 6 (model 120) and 192 x 36 x 6 (model 200). The standard finish is in black mat-finish. The side panes are available in any colour and various real wood veneers, or spray-painted in high-gloss at extra cost.

This hybrid loudspeaker system has the open sound and detailed character typical of electrostatics. For enhanced low tone reproduction, this series is supplemented with one or two subwoofers, manufactured by Solosound including its unique cross-over system.

Foto: Solostatic 120, Classic series